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I’m a producer of products.

Production’s my game.

This poeting business

Is a shortcut to fame.


Packaged in plastic

And displayed on a shelf.

I advertise my words

As being good for your health.


Thieves will be prosecuted.

Don’t try your luck.

These words that I sell

Are copyrighted to fuck.


The poets of old

Had not a clue

Their flowery opinions

Are no match for the new.


I’m booked up solid

With corporate events.

To think that last year

I was doing festival tents.


My agent’s on fire

The phone never stops.

Celebrity TV,

My face in the shops.


I’m richer than sin

There’s no point in lying

Please help me, for fuck’s sake

My old soul is dying.





Payday Play

One week until pay day,

bank balance at zero,

one click on the pound banner,

I feel like a hero,                                                                                                                  

the company accepted

my quick application,

the money transferred

with no hesitation,                                                                                                                

six thousand percent,

no longer in small print,

a sign of the times,

ignore it when you’re skint,                                                                                                    

six thousand percent,

this mammoth APR,

ensures that my wages,

will not be going far,                                                                                                              

on the day in question,

a kindly phone call,

a deferment option,

is presented in full,                                                                                                               

just pay the interest,

we’ll carry your balance,

no need to worry,

you know it makes sense,                                                                                                    

I decline to pay either,

avoiding their trap,

I cancel my card,

how d’you like that crap?                                                                                                   

My credit rating,

long since ruptured,

I cancel also,

my direct debit instruction,                                                                                                  

please send me your letters,

your threats and demands,

I’ll recycle them all,

into Happy Bankruptcy cards