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127 Seconds

Pounded by the wind,

and pounded by the rain,

I fight my way home,

I need to end this pain,                                                                                                          

a long bath awaits,

to soak my weary bones,

I open the front door,

and enter my quiet home,                                                                                                       

both taps running,

the steam begins to rise,

I undress quickly,

soapy water covers my thighs,                                                                                            

I stretch out long,

and drop below the bubbles,

my big toe enters the tap,

no end to my troubles,                                                                                                          

for 127 seconds,

my life stood still,

my big toe stuck fast,

I’m held against my will,                                                                                                         

a penknife to hand,

the first incision’s the worst,

I twist and it snaps,

this day must be cursed,                                                                                                         

I’m free once again,

the bath water now red,

I stand up on one foot,

relieved I’m not dead.


One Day

With an explosion of guilt

I was lifted from now,

looking down on my life

I was wondering how?

A death free of meaning

reflected the life

no longer breathing

and under the knife,

One sustained fight,

one early surrender,

as you choke on the smoke,

kiss goodbye to the tender.

Old friends die when heroes cry.

Spoken word version available here-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsiPVByN13U

Lonely Murder


First blamed for her life,

her private discontent,

then blamed for her death

now a public event

her dried blood on the floor

a grim indication

pointing up at her wounds,

her pain, isolation

the light of the day

brings along its suspicion

it’s judgement, it’s fear,

it’s misplaced superstition

the guilt for us all,

we know who we are

reaching out not a hand

as she fell oh so far

as we sweep her away

wrapped tightly in sheet,

look into your souls

not down to your feet,

the heavy stench lingers,

a haunting reminder,

a sickly sweet malice

for those who may find her.

A spoken word version is available here-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpeRZz2Eg_A&feature=context&context=G2716825AUAAAAAAABAA