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Shanks in Shoes

“Yo. What ends you from?”

a voice cracks from the dark

I quicken my pace

moving further into the park                                                                                             

the voice cracks once again;

“Yo. You think you can ignore me?”

I look into his face

there’s enough hate to floor me                                                                                          

pedals and chains

and rubber on tarmac

bandanas and hoods

and eyes full of pain                                                                                                             

completely surrounded

my eyes scan the pack

no more words forthcoming

I feel the knife in my back                                                                                                    

I drop down to my knees

the air leaves my lung

small hands through my pockets

with the speed of the young                                                                                                

back on to their wheels

they laugh as they go

I get up on my feet

to where, I don’t know                                                                                               

my mobile stolen

I shout to a stranger

he enters the park

and sees I’m in danger                                                                                                        

an ambulance called

I lay down on the grass

my shirt is so wet

this calmness can’t last.