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A Porn in Your Side

The house to yourself

a super fast connection

you open the site

of your chosen predilection                                                                    

over stimulation

unprepared by evolution

your neural pathways

embrace the confusion                                                                            

multiple partners

too many to count

yet never satisfied

by any amount                                                                                          

dopamine release

the key to addiction

ensures this past time

will remain an affliction                                                                           

you’ve opened the doorway

to desensitisation

reboot now

or lose the sensation                                                                                 

this is not religious

or moralistic

open up your eyes

to the impotence statistics                                                                        

a dystopian future

of solo voyeurism

two dimensional love

and compulsive onanism                                                                         

the population controlled;

a new generation is

reliant on porn

for its sexual relations.

Published here;  http://www.whiteoutpress.com/poetry/poem-a-porn-in-your-side-by-tim-kerton/

and here; http://yourbrainonporn.com/porn-your-side

and here;  http://reuniting.info/content/poem-about-porn