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A murder of prose, a pride of lines..

Collective noun

for a collection of nouns?

Underground buses

and washed up towns.


Opened up and ruined, I let the wind in.

Rich man vs. poor man, this old beggar will win.


Understand that dynamic.

Un-sink our Titanic.

Our destruction designed it.

My cruel mistress confined it.


Shut down and smashed, I lock the rain out.

Roof vs. sky, that old beggar has clout.


Follow your lead?

Unlock my greed?

Fuck you. Your creed.

Your unnecessary need.


Your words have a choice.

They represent your voice.

But neither adhere

to the things we hold dear.


Closed in and battered, I let the sun shine.

Conflict vs. passion, one old beggar’s divine.


Wine in my glass.

Death on my plate.

I’d rather die ten years too early.

Than ten minutes too late.


Un-Tory this benefit, un-bonus my bank.

Un-vomit the single malt whisky you drank.


You do none of this of course.

In fact it gets worse.

Nothing to say ‘cept a warning or curse.


Scrawled in sick on the tube station floor.

Mind the gap.

Mind the gap.

Mind the gap between the rich and the poor.




Like the dead, knotted branch

that threatened everything below it.

She rolled paper with tobacco,

licked and rolled the thing.

Like it was nothing.

I heard the wind, it whispered again.

The whisper before the roar.

A flick, a flame, and a snap.

Dark again.

Apart from the ashy glow.

And the half lit smoke curls

that disappeared.


I tried to think of something.

To say something.

But nothing came.

I could feel her stare

through our night.

Her lips drew again on the cigarette.

Glow, smoke, the impatience in her eyes

reflected the ember.

Smoky anger now.

Still nothing.

I can say nothing.

I let the moment pass.

Our moment pass.

One more glow on the ember.

Resilient disappointment gave

way to pity.

She turned and walked away.

How should I know

what time it is?



I bemoan my demon,

who devours my candour,

withdraws my promise,

from temples my anger,

life vomits my rage,

expels my façade,

breaks up my dreams,

and shatters my heart.