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Rare, please.

heartThis pounded meat

Bruise-veined and scarred

Caged in red white bone

I butcher it to feel

Scar it to remember

Untwist its bloody tendered weave

And tear it once again


Pain or perfection?

I raise a bottle to the pain.

The dull ache tightly clamps the rusty

Blunt blade of connection.

Hold fast if you like.

But the slow pull will always win.


Serrated edges create their own crimson exit

Faster now.

A dizzy agony of goodbye frees the mottled sword.

Frees me.

I remember now, how to stitch.

How to mend.

How to prepare this scarred pounded meat

For another cook.

Now the journey..

archerNow the wine

 Now the cake

  Now the journey

    through the lake.

You begged me once

 You’ll beg again

  Untie my boat

   Be home by ten.

Your darkness hides

 a bitter edge.

  Now push it off

   from the waters edge.

The boat sits low

 the weight is yours.

  Now hurry on

   and move those oars.

Now the wine 

 Now the cake

  Now the journey

   through the lake.

The dry song

 of a drawn blade.

  Not a soul 

   to lend you aid.

Lonely now 

 upon the water.

  One splash of the oar

   will be your slaughter.

Not a breath

 has passed your lips.

  You hear me now.

   A fear that grips.

Now the wine.

 Now the cake.

  Now the journey

   through the lake.

You panic now

 You splash and shriek

  I take my aim

   Your end I seek.

The arrow finds 

 its place of rest

  Gently protruding 

   from your chest.

For I am Vorse

 and judgement’s mine

  Come visit again

   my lake sometime.

Now the wine

 Now the cake

  Now the journey

   through the lake.

The Door at the End of the Corridor on the Seventh Floor

is blue. Or black, maybe.

It’s a dark colour and it opens with a knock.

Or two.

Footsteps, a pause, then the click.

That’s the order of it.

I like the pause.

I know she’s looking at me through the small lens.

Just for a second.

The well oiled brass deadbolt prepares for its surrender.


The smooth click of defeat.

Unlocked, unbolted, unnecessary.




The lock is a lock once more.

Now with two in its charge.


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rainMy breath was hard,
Tough, as I climbed.
Grass of foot and wet,
I trod.
I found solace
Alone, by my side.
Misty winds distracted me.
Tempted me away
From my sodden silence.
I remembered then
Why I came.
                                                                             Why I stood.
                                                                            On damp hills
                                                                           Where drizzle and dew
                                                                          Sit side by side
                                                                         On gentle blades.
                                                                        Where grey clouds
                                                                       Whisper secrets
                                                                      To comfort the broken.
                                                                     I came
                                                                   To remember
                                                                 Why I stood.

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The Drunken Junk



His thin brittle anger broke free again.

Sharp shards of pain pushed out.

I silently encouraged him.

Entertain me.  Please.

I’m bored.

Opening sunny gates, we drift…



Our lives stay the same.

Tomorrow we die.

Tell me one lie.

One lie.


Overhanging trees undermined our cynicism.

Too beautiful.

Too nice.

For us.

Spit and curse for me.

Poison my day.

bloody boatman.


Our lives stay the same.

Tomorrow we die.

Tell me one lie.

One lie.


My violence was swift.

Cunning. Nasty.

He saw nothing.

Felt everything.

Steel  glanced off bone.

Flesh fell away.

bloody boatman.


Our lives stay the same.

Tomorrow we die.

Tell me one lie.

One lie.


Drifting now.

Lighter. Sweeter.

Awash with blood.

The deck was slippery.

One heave.

His splash made me chuckle.

bloody boatman.