Pigeon Men of Soho

Soup, beards,

trolleys, and rain.

Wet benches, words,

cackles, some pain.


Crusts, crumbs,

birds, and rain.

Stares, glares,

fixations, disdain.


Flaps, flutters,

birdshit, and rain.

Puddles, splosh,

gurgles, a drain.


Kindness, sadness,

feeding, and rain.

Begging, swooping,

commonality attained.


Gratitude, satiety,

repletion, and rain.

Bowls, spoons,

a soup is insane.


Bags, carts,

trees, and rain.

Grey, sky,

looms the crane.


Rolled, fags,

tobacco, and rain.

Smoke, breath,

enlighten a brain.


Ponder, pause,

pack, and rain.

Walk, push,

I’m back once again.



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