‘Tis a nifty thing,

this feline embrace.

To pull you in firm,

to a soft furry face.


The claws not yet out,

but very soon to be,

the back legs kick hard,



Pulled in at the top,

but kicked away down below,

a mouse’s insides

adorn the patio.


Ripped roughly in two,

I remember that mouse.

His pain is mine,

we shared the same house.


Laying gutless and torn,

the cat bats him around,

I look away now,

and make not a sound.


I shamefully allow

a thought to escape;

‘I know how you feel,mate’

Not before though, just now.


Self indulgence abounds,

my sympathy wanes,

I think more of my own life,

my heartbreaks, my shame.


Metaphors, analogies,

comparing two pains,

no death on this planet,

deserves such disdain.



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