Monthly Archives: November 2012

Hell Soul

Confusion stalks me,

it has me in its sights.

I am its prey.

Its only prey.

It reaches for my mind.

Scratching, twisting, stretching.

It is conquering me.


But the peace…

the peace is overwhelming..


A slice of Hades

props up my spine,

distorts my vision,

sours my foul, bloody wine.


But the peace…

the peace is outstanding..


Disruption provokes anger.

Hatred demands action.

Putrid stenches

destroy my senses,

dissolve my bones,

negate my soul.


But the fucking peace…

the peace is just breathtaking..


My loathsome energy,

despicable desires,

depraved honour,

makes me vomit blood

into the faces of angels.


But, stone me, the peace…

the fucking peace is unbelievable..


The cannibalistic nature

of the human mind

ravages any sensitivity.

Mercy disappears into

dark obscure corners.

I shriek for slow revenge.


But, my god, the fucking peace…

the fucking peace..


Numbers Game

What world would it be

if every clock that I see

displays numbers in pairs

but only to me?


It’s twelve twelve again

but then of course it is,

my last glance at the time

showed it was six o’ six.


What can this all mean?

My memory’s selective?

I know when I look

my thoughts are collected.


A sign from above?

The time is now?

A pairing I need

to unfurrow my brow?


But unfurrowed it’s not,

it’s more wrinkled in fact.

I fear every clock

will spur me on to some act.


What act would it be?

Something spontaneous I suppose?

And when will I know,

it’s these numbers, not those?


Nothing could be worse

than to act out of time.

Is eight o’ eight better,

than nine minutes past nine?


There’s only one thing to do

to end this dilemma.

That’s to smash every clock

with my pointy umbrella.


Time waits for no man.

That’s very plain to see.

With every crack of a clock,

I set myself free..




‘Tis a nifty thing,

this feline embrace.

To pull you in firm,

to a soft furry face.


The claws not yet out,

but very soon to be,

the back legs kick hard,



Pulled in at the top,

but kicked away down below,

a mouse’s insides

adorn the patio.


Ripped roughly in two,

I remember that mouse.

His pain is mine,

we shared the same house.


Laying gutless and torn,

the cat bats him around,

I look away now,

and make not a sound.


I shamefully allow

a thought to escape;

‘I know how you feel,mate’

Not before though, just now.


Self indulgence abounds,

my sympathy wanes,

I think more of my own life,

my heartbreaks, my shame.


Metaphors, analogies,

comparing two pains,

no death on this planet,

deserves such disdain.


Bridge Burner

Burn bridge, burn.

I need you not.

Not now, not ever.

Burn like a shameless inferno.


You false promise.

You false hope.

Burn now.

Burn forever.


I need no bridge.

I am happy right here.

Here, on this poor island.


And if you reappear,

in a different guise,

in a different time,

I will burn that too.


I am a bridge burner.

I shun your hope,

your promise,

your glittering prize.


Burn now.

Burn forever.

I am happy right here.

Here, on this poor island.