My Monkeys

Monkeys make many mistakes.

Mainly my monkeys.

My monkeys meddle.

My monkeys mess.

My monkeys…..misbehave.

Mistreating my mansion.

Making my maids malevolent.

My monkeys malicious mischief

means my mistresses miss my messages.

Messages my more mad maid maybe misplaces.

My monkeys make me melancholy.

My monkeys make me mad.

My melancholy means my marriage may

make my mistresses more mistrusting.

My maid more matriarchal.

Married men make miserable

monkey masters.

Maintaining maids, mistresses,

marriages, mischievous monkeys,

mansions, makes many men

more miserable.

Miserable, mean-spirited me

met mad mechanic.

Mucky money materialised.

Mad mechanic mechanised maids,

monkeys, mistresses.

My miserable marriage

momentarily mended.

Moral: Money means mischievous

monkeys, mistrusting mistresses,

malevolent maids make magnificent

mechanical machines meaning my

marriage may maintain merry, mirthful





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