Monthly Archives: July 2012


Pissed pirates

playing poker,

powning players.

People perceiving politicians

potentially predatory.

Personality preventing

proper personal payments,

public purse plundered proudly.

Postmen posting post,

pretending public philosophy pertinent.

Priests praying pretty

persistently, perhaps pointlessly.

Procreating police provoking

protesters punishing phony

powerful planet polluters promoting

propagandist programs.

Privatisation painfully picking pieces,

passenger platforms,

peoples pride pushed past.

Poets providing proof,

prose, perceptions, publications,

prolific proper poetry.

Please pay pounds prior,

possibly previous partakers paying

percentage personally.







Homonym and a Prayer

I rose grumpy from bed,

the petals tickled my head.

The dog’s bark from the tree

has messed up my settee.


I reached for the ring,

this damn phone never stops.

If it wasn’t for that

I’d already be at the shops.


The mirror reflects

the state of my hart.

These animals in here

are impeding my art.


It just isn’t fair

this dark hare of mine.

My hope is it will

turn grey over time.


I’m in no mood for my mourning.

Another one dead.

I shouted not of my upset

but disgust instead.


I headed down to the kitchen.

I opened the door.

I took a bow from the corner.

I have archery at four.


A quick snack though first.

I cut ham by the length.

That sandwich was good,

it mustered my strength.


Now on into town.

I can’t bear this reign.

Anti-monarchy stickers

adorn my new pane.


I passed by the church.

No clergy in sight.

None is unusual,

it just isn’t right.


The vicars a bugger.

He preys on the weak.

Just one more offence,

he’ll be in front of the beak.

Rum Song

a black heart is dying.

an old deck’s awash with blood.

afore you send me away

look back to that day.

i opened my chest

a hinge creaked as i did.

to show you that love

that love that i kept.

it grew pale in the dark

but you showed it the sun.

afore you send me away

look back to that day.