Monthly Archives: June 2012


I’m a producer of products.

Production’s my game.

This poeting business

Is a shortcut to fame.


Packaged in plastic

And displayed on a shelf.

I advertise my words

As being good for your health.


Thieves will be prosecuted.

Don’t try your luck.

These words that I sell

Are copyrighted to fuck.


The poets of old

Had not a clue

Their flowery opinions

Are no match for the new.


I’m booked up solid

With corporate events.

To think that last year

I was doing festival tents.


My agent’s on fire

The phone never stops.

Celebrity TV,

My face in the shops.


I’m richer than sin

There’s no point in lying

Please help me, for fuck’s sake

My old soul is dying.





Headwear on Footpaths

“They’re meant to be somewhere.”

“Not here,” I said.

Wear without wearers.

Hats without heads.


Pavements of placards.

Litter of loss.

Leaflets discarded.

Politics and dross.


Competitive opinion.

Numbers decide.

Marchers and voters,

Changing the tide.


Batons of fairness.

Truncheons so kind.

The enforcers of order

Help make up my mind.


These hats on the floor

Some speckled with blood

Become cushions for boots

Some speckled with mud.


Woolly ones, beanies,

Bandanas, and caps.

Symbolically leaving

Their owners in packs.


Coalitions disbanded.

The end of the pact.

No partnership so strong.

As a wearer and hat.


Tis a sad day for all.

This division and rule.

To leave heads without hats

Is unusual and cruel.



Self Riotous

Self riotous you.

Your belief so true.

Righteous even.

I don’t have a clue.                                                                                                               

My opinion’s unfounded.

My thoughts are confounded.

Ignorant even.

I’m completely surrounded.                                                                                                   

By views so strong.

Compassion so thin.

Tolerance so low.

Such thickness of skin.                                                                                                         

The lack of self doubt.

You had better watch out.

Be vigilant even.

That ego has clout.                                                                                                               

Don’t challenge the preaching.

Don’t question the teaching.

Welcome it even.

Your spirit is reaching                                                                                                         

For higher planes,

Egotistical gains.

Enlightenment even.

Only submission remains.