Payday Play

One week until pay day,

bank balance at zero,

one click on the pound banner,

I feel like a hero,                                                                                                                  

the company accepted

my quick application,

the money transferred

with no hesitation,                                                                                                                

six thousand percent,

no longer in small print,

a sign of the times,

ignore it when you’re skint,                                                                                                    

six thousand percent,

this mammoth APR,

ensures that my wages,

will not be going far,                                                                                                              

on the day in question,

a kindly phone call,

a deferment option,

is presented in full,                                                                                                               

just pay the interest,

we’ll carry your balance,

no need to worry,

you know it makes sense,                                                                                                    

I decline to pay either,

avoiding their trap,

I cancel my card,

how d’you like that crap?                                                                                                   

My credit rating,

long since ruptured,

I cancel also,

my direct debit instruction,                                                                                                  

please send me your letters,

your threats and demands,

I’ll recycle them all,

into Happy Bankruptcy cards


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